Prison Fellowship International

In November of 2016 Faith Fellowship was given the opportunity to partner with Prison Fellowship International (PFI). PFI is focused on bringing God’s love to prisoners and their families. A leader in justice reform, PFI is recognized by the United Nations as a consultant and content expert in prison-related issues.

In partnering with PFI, Living Faith Fellowship committed to finding a sponsor for 66 kids from different parts of the world such as Rwanda, Colombia, and India. Since our first sponsorship event in November, we are happy to announce that all 66 kids LFF committed to have been sponsored. We are so thankful for the interest that has been shown and the wonderful ways in which many rose to the calling to sponsor a child in need.

Recently our Senior Pastor, Pastor Kari, had the amazing opportunity to go to Colombia where she met children who are sponsored through PFI and heard the amazing ways their lives have been changed. Whether through prayer or sponsorship, the impact we have on the lives of many from around the world is truly remarkable and a testimony to the awesome ways in which God moves.

Though we’ve met our commitment to sponsor 66 children, there are still many children waiting to be sponsored. If you are interested please contact our onsite coordinator, Mine Kirikihira, at and she would love to give you more information on how you can change the life of one of God’s little ones.

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