Trip Update Africa: Ordination!

From CJ:
It was a fantastic God filled day! There were so many comments from the people about the leadership training yesterday. It was definitely well received. The ordination service went great. Very deep, inspiring, \prophetic and you could feel God’s love. Pastor Phil and the team worked together well and God really did awesome things. Pastor Phil was amazing as he led and the people really took to him. You all would be proud of your Pastor.
After ordination some of the team taught the children at Legacy school ultimate frisbee and kickball.
We are excited to share more as God continues to do amazing work!
Thank you all for your prayers!
God Bless,
Living Faith Missions Admin

One thought on “Trip Update Africa: Ordination!”

  1. Congratulations Pastor Delo! Thank you Team for being ready, willing and able to be used by the Holy Spirit.

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