Trip Update Africa: Things are going well!

Update from CJ:

Today went well. Pastor Phil did a great job at the leaders meeting. It went from 11 a.m. until around 4. Then we had lunch, it has been a great time so far!

Tomorrow the ordination starts at 12 a.m. Saturday morning your time, which will be 10 a.m. local time. There is a deep stirring over this event and the people’s faith. We believe God will do a great thing. Some people have walked 30 kilometers to be here.

What a wonderful time our team is having!  The ordination is a big step for the Divine Waters Ministry, which is overseen by Deleo Ocen. Please keep them all in your prayers as they continue to minister and teach.

God Bless,

Living Faith Missions Admin

Trip Update Africa: Made it safely!

Our team made it safely to Lira! Thank you, Jesus!

They are headed off to bed for some much needed sleep from their travels. Tomorrow they start leadership training with the pastors there.

Please continue to keep them in your prayers as they start training and ministering to the men and women they will be ordaining.

God Bless,

Living Faith Missions Admin

Trip Update Africa: They are on their way!

Our team has started their journey towards Africa. They have a lot of traveling ahead of them, so please keep them in your prayers!

This is our team!

Pastor Phil Vance, CJ Carrier, Curtis Troll, Ellis Troll, Colt Shelton, Cheryl Parduhn

This is some of our sending team, even some of the children from Pullman Christian School came to pray with and send our team off!

You are all apart of our sending team and we appreciate you and your prayers!

We are believing for God’s hands to be upon us this entire trip!

We will be updating you as we can, please check back to see how are trip is going!

God Bless,

Living Faith Missions Admin