We believe in being established on the Word of God, and that every believer should know what they believe and how to apply it to everyday life.
“Go, make disciples…teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you.”
Matthew 28:19

Living Faith classes are offered a various times throughout the year. Sign up using the Living Faith mobile app, or by contacting the church staff.

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The Carpenter Series


Building Your FAITH

This five-lesson class will teach you the fundamentals of Christianity and living the amazing life God has for us.


Building Your CHURCH

As we continue to grow spiritually, we learn how to help build Christ’s Church.


Building Your MINISTRY

This four-week class helps you identify the unique combination of tools God has given you to fulfill His plan for your life.



Reflecting the Image of God

How were you designed to relate to people? In this class, we seek to answer this question from a Biblical perspective.


Taking a good look at ourselves

This class continues with the principles of finding our security and significance in God and letting that overflow into our relationships.

Bible Foundations


New Covenant Overview

This course presents a broad overview of essential Christian principles such as: Who is God?, What is the Bible?, Creation, the Prophets, the Life and Ministry of Jesus Christ, and the New Testament Church.


The Foundation Stones

Study the six foundation stones of Christianity, as found in Hebrews 6:1-3. Topics including the doctrines of baptism, repentance from dead works, the laying on of hands, and more.


Old Testament Overview

A study of the books of the Old Testament, includes presentation of practical information such as impactive occurrences in Israel’s economy, government, religious life, and in the neighboring nations. The homework especially emphasizes the heart of the Father to His people.


New Testament Overview

Overview of the New Testament, including the life of Jesus, the apostles, and the history of the early church.