Quotes from the Team

Update on how yesterday went, from Almando.

Today was a special day. A trial by fire (Alec). My favorite thing to hear is “I am hungry and I have to pee” (Jamie). We gonna be alright (Sam). The support of the team and God will pull us through (Sara). Group hug (Jesse). Love and humility (Jade). Worship our Father with all your hearts souls and strength (David). So blessed to work with Al again. He is a perfect addition in this partnership (CJ). Worship through the thick and thin (Katie). Peace of the Lord surpasses all things (Mine).


If you didn’t see the update yesterday the team members who were not feeling well got food poisoning. The team is feeling better, but a little weak, and hopefully will be starting on the wall this morning. As well as working with the kids, and teaching them great things!

Thank you for your continued prayers! They are much appreciated!

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  1. Hey all of you tremendous young peeps!! Just to let you all know, I think what you are doing is wonderful, Your devoted to your faith and to that of helping others!!It-takes a strong will and determination to have the joyous hearts you all have!! Thank you all!! Just wanted to drop a note to my Nephew!!! Hi Jamie stay Healthy!!

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