Prison Fellowship International: Trip to Colombia

In November of 2016 Living Faith Fellowship was given the opportunity to partner with Prison Fellowship International (PFI). PFI is focused on bringing God’s love to prisoners and their families.

Recently, Pastor Kari, a senior pastor at LFF, had the amazing opportunity to go to Colombia with 5 other pastor wives, all from the fellowship LFF is a part of. Pastor Kari was able to meet with the PFI ground team and the team from the Children of Prisoners Program. During her time in Colombia Pastor Kari got to go to 4 home visits of children who were part of PFI. She heard the amazing testimonies of just how much PFI has changed the lives of the children who are a part of the program, and their families, both physically and spiritually as one mother shared her love for Jesus and His amazing work in her life. Following her visits to families, Pastor Kari also got to visit Bellavista Maximum Security Prison and meet 20 men whose children were in the program and the impact the program has had on them. Pastor Kari got to meet many children who are a part of the program, and one child who was being sponsored by a member of our church.

Pastor Kari’s trip to Colombia was a success and she was able to see firsthand how God is moving through Prison Fellowship International. We are all so thankful for our church’s response and the incredible opportunity to see God move through it all. There are still many children waiting to be sponsored. If you are interested please contact our onsite coordinator, Mine Kirikihira, at and she would love to give you more information on how you can change the life of one of God’s little ones.

Thank you!

LFF Missions Admin



Trip Update: Last Day of Ministry & Church

Yesterday we went to the beach in the morning and gathered seashells by the seashore! We played frisbee and soccer with some local guys. When we got back to the lodging base we broke into construction teams to work on the roof, a kitchen extension, a porch roof and a dog house. We also sent another team into the community to finish planting trees. We bought souvenirs and played with the kids. In the evening we had a worship service and got to enjoy a little taste of heaven as we worshiped with two different cultures in one place! Another cool thing was Duncan’s eye got something in it and began to hurt. We flushed it out with some water but it didn’t feel better. Then the team prayed for him and he was all good by worship time! Thank you Jesus! After worship we celebrated Sara Adams’ birthday with a card from the team and corn nuts! It was an amazing day! Thank you for all your prayers. One more day, and then the team goes home!

This morning the team had church and enjoyed worship with the locals!

Today is the last full day that our team will have in Haiti! God has done amazing things in and through our team. We are so excited to hear the trip report from our team!

Thank you for your prayers.

LFF Missions Admin


Trip Update: Hard at Work

We have so many wonderful people on this missions team! Right now we have a team finishing up the trusses for a roof on a house. Another team is planting trees and still another team is teaching kids and doing outreach!


We are so grateful for the opportunity we have to serve this community. God is working in amazing ways!

Thank you for your prayers

LFF Missions Admin