Trip Update Africa: Clean Water, Malawi

The team has been doing water education and training on the water systems they brought over to Malawi with them. Things are going well and they have crystal clear water, the people are so grateful!

Today they are driving to Lilongwe where they will spend the night. Tomorrow they start their journey back to us! Please continue to keep them in your prayers. We are anxious to hear about everything God did in and through them on the trip!

God Bless,

Living Faith Missions Admin

Trip Update Africa: Game Park & Visiting with Vicki!

The team has been away from the internet for awhile, but here is a brief update.

They spent a day and a half traveling around game parks, we are excited to see more pictures of the animals they saw! They made their way to Kampala and visited with Vicki Owens, as well as some IMT students and Namitha! They have had a relaxed time with Vicki and will be traveling to Malawi tomorrow! Praying for safe travels for them!

The internet is a little spotty, so we may not here from them for a couple days, but please keep them in your prayers, they covet them!

God Bless,

Living Faith Missions Admin

Trip Update Africa: Divine Water Ministries

Today the team went to Divine Waters Ministries Headquarters. They toured the facility and talked extensively about the work they are doing. The team then sat down with Pastor Deleo and the main leadership of DWM, and Pastor Phil shared about foundations materials. They are eager to learn more and implement our materials into their ministry.

They are now headed North, towards our lodging and tomorrow we get a day of play seeing African animals at a game park. Thank you all for all the support and prayer.

Apwoyo (thank you) Obanga Mi Gum (God Bless You)!

Sounds like the team is doing really well and having an amazing time, God is moving in marvelous ways!

Thank you for your continued prayers!

God Bless you,

Living Faith Missions Admin

Trip Update Africa: Ordination!

From CJ:
It was a fantastic God filled day! There were so many comments from the people about the leadership training yesterday. It was definitely well received. The ordination service went great. Very deep, inspiring, \prophetic and you could feel God’s love. Pastor Phil and the team worked together well and God really did awesome things. Pastor Phil was amazing as he led and the people really took to him. You all would be proud of your Pastor.
After ordination some of the team taught the children at Legacy school ultimate frisbee and kickball.
We are excited to share more as God continues to do amazing work!
Thank you all for your prayers!
God Bless,
Living Faith Missions Admin

Trip Update Africa: Visiting our sister school & Ordination

Our team visited Pullman Christian’s sister school, Legacy School. Here Curtis is presenting them with a certificate.

This video is with Pastor Deleo, as they are traveling to the schools:

The team is doing very well, staying healthy and getting sleep! The team ordained the pastors yesterday. We are looking forward to hearing how that went!

Thank you all for your continued prayers, we will update again when  we hear from the team!

God Bless,

Living Faith Missions Admin