Safely Home

The team has arrived safely in Spokane!!  They are so thankful for the blessing of having been a part of this trip. There is a lasting mark on their hearts for the people of Puerto Rico and they know God has left His mark both on the team’s hearts and on those the team had the privilege of ministering to while they were there.  Again, thank you very much for all of your prayers!

Enjoying the Culture

Yesterday, the team was able to take some time for outreach to / prayer for people at the local university.  They are thrilled to have been able to share God’s love with them. Today was a “play” day for the team – a little sight-seeing, time at the beach, and sampling some amazing Puerto Rican cuisine!  They depart early Saturday morning and will arrive into Spokane close to 9pm ~ prayers for safe travel are appreciated.  May the work they did and the love they shared have a lasting impact and bring much glory to God!

Take A Look!

Thank you for all of your prayers!  The team continues to be safe and they are all so blessed to be able to be serving the people in Puerto Rico.  Pictures show Pastor Phil and some of the team praying for one of the men they have been helping, team members moving a refrigerator into a home, a beautiful rainbow – God’s reminder of His faithfulness in Puerto Rico, and the team’s fearless leader with his new friend!!

Mother’s Day in Puerto Rico

The team got settled in on Saturday.  At church on Sunday they helped make floral arrangements as gifts for the moms for Mother’s Day (an official holiday in Puerto Rico so no work was done that day). Today they are hard at work repairing roofs (picture from the air of all the blue tarps covering damaged roofs; picture of damaged roofs needing to be cleaned, repaired, and sealed). The team has also been sharing God’s love with the families they are serving.  All is going well and they thank you for remembering them in your prayers.