Ecuador Medical Missions Update

In the past few days the team has finished their first days in clinic. The clinic is in Basan Alto, a small village with many needs. People are hungry for the Word of God. But they have many natural needs as well. The team is blessed to be serving and everyone is doing well. They have been celebrating some birthdays recently and tomorrow is a day of rest for them. They have been ministering the past 5 days and God has done great things!

Thank you again for your continued prayers over this team!

Living Faith Missions Admin

Ecuador Medical Mission Update

Our Ecuador Medical Missions Team has arrive safely in Ecuador! They will be in Ecuador for a little under 2 weeks, working with the people and children there and ministering to them.

All of their luggage made it and the team is doing well. They are awaiting transportation to Riobamba. When they arrive they will begin unpacking, organizing and planning for the remainder of the week.

Our team will not have internet for a few days, but we know God will be moving in and through them! We will update again when we hear back from them.

We ask for your prayers for our team, for safety, health and guidance as they minister in Ecuador!

LFF Missions Admin

Ecuador 2017

This summer a team will be traveling to Ecuador. On past trips our church has helped provide shoes to the needy, build houses, provide medical care, taught our Carpenter Series to the people and made great connections with our missionaries who we support in Ecuador.

This year we have a medical team that will be offering help and hope where there is none.

Please keep our team in your prayers as they start to prepare to go to Ecuador.

Thank you,

Living Faith Missions

Katty Agguire – One Heart Global Ministries

Katty is the founder and director of One Heart Global Ministries, an organizations birthed out of a deep desire to see her people know the love of Jesus and to feel His presence in their lives. She has committed her life to serving Jesus and her people by teaching and training them in the Word of God and bringing in focused teams from the United States.  These teams are showing the love of Jesus by providing natural and spiritual support to needy people. The Ecuadorean military often works with the teams allowing them access into areas not usually available to teams.

Katty Aguirre is a native Ecuadorean who grew up on the the border of Columbia and Ecuador.  She was exposed to danger and violence every day. Kattygrew up feeling rejected, and struggling to survive and meet the most basic of natural needs. After many long and difficult years living in these circumstances, she was introduced to the message of the Gospel.