Coming Home

The team is about half way over the Pacific Ocean, traveling back to Seattle. They should be arriving back in the U.S. this evening. They will be staying one night in Seattle and then traveling back to Pullman on Sunday.

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We are excited to hear all about their trip and how God moved while they were in the Philippines!

Thank you all for your prayers.

Living Faith Missions

Continuing VBS, Prayer Walk & Coming Home

The team is doing well! They are actually getting ready to start heading back to the U.S.

Vacation Bible School has been going very well. The latest lesson they taught was on forgiveness. Recently they went on a prayer walk through one of the poorest towns, ironically the town is named Beverly Hills. The team is loving on the children as much as they can. They have been bonding with them for awhile now and definitely want to bring some of them home. I’m sure they wish they could, but they are giving them, and teaching them about Jesus’ love, and that is a beautiful thing!

Thank you for your continued prayers. We are sorry that these updates have been sparse. Communication just isn’t the best down there. We are looking forward to hearing from them soon as they will be traveling from Cebu to Taipei in about 11 hours.

Living Faith Missions

Checking In

We heard from the team briefly this morning. They are all doing well! They are having a hard time sending pictures, but will try again soon. Vacation Bible School is going very well, they have had over 150 kids, and are expecting more! A lot of lives are being changed and transformed.

The solar panels are up and running smoothly. The children are loving the playground that our team helped construct.

They are back on the mainland of Cebu now. Right now it is tomorrow evening and the team is heading to bed. They’ll have another full day and VBS tomorrow, ministering to those wonderful kids!

Thank you for all your prayers. Hopefully we will get some pictures soon.

Living Faith Missions