Malawi Water Wells

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For the past three years we have been developing deep relationships with our friends in Malawi. These relationships have not been forged through comfortable channels, but rather through hardship, pain and even death. The result has been trusting relationships founded first on Christ and a commitment to advance His kingdom above our preferences.

We have previously assisted Malawi with agricultural education and consultation.  We helped plant and work their crops in order to learn and be able to provide accurate consultation.  We have also provided food during a very extreme famine in their region.

The northern area of Malawi is in need of safe drinking water. One well costs $6200 and our goal is to raise $12,400, for the drilling of two more wells in Fall\Winter of 2017.

These past few years we have been consulting with expert partners in Uganda who have been drilling wells for almost 15 years. Our church was able to raise enough funds last year to be able to drill 3 wells in Malawi. The people of Malawi have been so grateful! We took a small team this past spring to Malawi to see the wells. It was beautiful to see all of the people who are benefiting from these wells being drilled. They no longer have to walk hours to get water and they are so appreciative!

We are continuing to raise more money to be able to drill 2 more wells this year! Our goal is to be able to put in 1-2 wells every year all around Malawi.

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Thank you so much for all who have donated or are going to donate to this cause – we appreciate YOU! You are making a difference in the lives of many people!